About Us

I am an NYC-based psychologist who is passionate about bringing mental health awareness and education into the wellness space.


As a psychologist, I have worked in various roles at businesses ranging from the fitness world to corporate settings. My understanding of psychological dynamics, approachability, and sense of ease allows me to build solid and trustworthy relationships with others. I can listen, assess the needs of an organization, and tailor my message and content specifically for that business and its clients. I believe that organizational growth happens through my collaborative skills and solid knowledge base.

Life Lessons

My work has taught me the importance of having a solid sense of self and a stable foundation to guide you through life. A strong sense of self is built from the inside and involves time, reflection, and mental fortitude.

I can support individuals, leaders, and companies to develop a solid foundation and core message that includes mental health and wellness. In this ever-changing, unpredictable world, these core messages that consider individuals’ needs are what keep employees and clients engaged, motivated, and connected to you.

Another thing I learned from my professional experience is the significance of finding things to love outside of work so that you can enjoy a healthy balance in life. Growing up, I tried all sports until I settled on tennis and played competitively in college. As a competitive athlete, I learned the importance of drive, consistency, and mindset, all of which I bring to my professional endeavors.


As I consult with businesses and brands, I now have the fortune of combing my two passions, mental fitness, and wellness. My clinical experience, integrity, and determination make me a well-sought-after partner. I know how to relate to people, and people relate well to me, making my messages significant. I also understand the psychology behind things, the unspoken messages, and how the minds of others work. I can translate mental health concepts into everyday relatable language so that others can connect to my message and make changes to improve their lifestyle.

On a more personal note, I was born and raised in the Hudson Valley and live in NYC. I am passionate about what I do and bring this enthusiasm everywhere!


I earned my PsyD in School-Clinical psychology from Pace University and will be earning my PostDoctoral degree in Psychotherapy and Psychoanalysis from New York University in the Fall of 2022.

Areas of Expertise

Stress Management

Stress and anxiety are normal emotions felt by everyone at one point or another. A little stress is good because it can be motivating; however, It is hard to think clearly, prioritize, and execute when stress levels are too high.

I coach people on how to understand and manage their anxiety-producing thoughts and modify their environment and lifestyle to decrease stress. These specific stress management techniques allow people to feel less anxious, confident, and more productive.

Managing Burnout

The last two years have left so many people feeling burnt out, depleted, depressed, and unmotivated. Part of my specialty is helping companies design initiatives to support their employees with these feelings. The goal of these initiatives is for employees to feel more alive, engaged, and connected at work.

Work-Life Balance

With working from home, lack of clear boundaries, unlimited access to people, and anxiety over what feels safe to do and what does not, the ability to have a healthy work-life balance has been severely affected. And there is no precedent for what employees are facing right now. 

I support companies in establishing a healthy work-life balance for their employees. This leads to improved engagement, less turnover, higher morale, increased productivity, and more significant growth.

Imposter Syndrome

Imposter syndrome, or feeling like a fraud, affects almost 80% of people at one point or another. Feeling incompetent limits individuals’ self-confidence, productivity, creativity, and overall growth. By addressing underlying insecurities and causes of Imposter Syndrome, I help people feel more sure of themselves and more competent in life and in the workplace.

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