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I enjoy nothing more than combining my two passions, mental health and wellness. And I would love to do this with you. Work with me and we can decide the best way to enhance and expand your business or brand.

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Strong + Mindful will listen to your company’s concerns, assess and prioritize the different mental health needs, and design a comprehensive plan with various options for your organization.

Employees want to feel valued, heard, and part of the larger plan. Companies struggle to provide the kind of support that retains talent, promotes employees’ wellness, encourages productivity, and ultimately leads to the company’s growth.

Ways to partner:

  • Conduct company-wide or specific needs assessment
  • Interview employees to determine needs and areas of support
  • Assess and design interventions to address the disconnects between leaders and employees
  • Develop feedback loops that facilitate open communication
  • Wellness programming for leaders and employees
  • Support to build mental wellness into your overall platform


Wellness workshops and support groups can be tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Preventative workshops are also available to increase awareness of mental health warning signs and how to address these before they become a more significant concern.

Example topics:

  • Developing Emotional Intelligence
  • How Hustle Culture is Harming Your Productivity
  • Managing Perfectionistic Tendencies
  • Burnout Awareness and Prevention
  • Boundary Setting as a Form of Self-Care
  • Taming Imposter Syndrome
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Individual and small group coaching addresses particular concerns, builds skills, and supports leaders and employees.

Example coaching topics:

  • How to develop relationships and trust
  • Mastering the art of difficult conversations
  • The ins and outs of boundary setting
  • Healthy conflict resolution
  • Short and long-term stress management techniques
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